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Computer network using record (input - output) self-check systems manual

宿舍 - 學生宿舍網路使用簡易說明
A simple description of how to use the dormitory network

宿舍 - 快速的網路註冊及維修通報
Quickly complete the Network Register and Maintenance Application

宿舍 - 在電腦中網路IP的設定方法(Windows)
How to set the computer's IP(windows)

宿舍 - 我已經換電腦(網路卡)要怎麼上網?網路使用資料(網路卡)變更
I replaced a computer, how to use the Internet. - Change Network Register (Network Card)Data

宿舍 - 在要更換床位時應該申請什麼?
What should apply when you want to replace the bed?

宿舍 - 我的電腦無法連接到網路註冊系統?
My computer can not connect the “Network Registration System”

宿舍 - 我的電腦不能連上網路怎麼辦?
My computer can not connect Internet, what can I do?

宿舍 - 啟動瀏覽器會出現「偵測到未註冊網路設備通知」
Start the browser will be “notification: System has detected unregistered device." web page. 

宿舍 - 我的電腦突然出現「阻斷通知」
My computer have “The blocked notification" web page

宿舍 - 我的電腦無法登入網路註冊系統,出現「非合法住宿人員」「帳號或密碼錯誤」「認證伺服器無回應」
My computer can not login the “Network Registration System”, the system response "Account or Password error" or "Non-legal user live dorm" 

宿舍 - 我的線上遊戲為什麼宿舍不能玩,是不是防火牆有擋住?
Why I can not play online games in the dorm room, is not there a firewall blocking it?

宿舍 - 我的網路使用流量都會超過,可是我沒有做什麼事
My computer often over traffic quota, but I am not do anything

宿舍 - 網路使用權益問題與網路資源使用費
“Network use rights and obligations" and “Tuition fee for use of resources in the network."

宿舍 - 宿舍網路流量限制一天為多少?
The number of daily network traffic restrictions. 

Test Internet connection is working properly